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Welcome to my family history site. My primary research interests are the lines of the following families:

- Luke Congleton, born in Pitt County North Carolina in 1804 or 1805 and died in Conecuh County Alabama in 1877. Luke's last wife was Mary Ann Quates (1831-1902, and married around 1855), and he is believed to have had two other wives earlier in life
- Joseph Quates (1800-?)and Nancy Jane Maury (1802-?), married in 1825 and were in Conecuh County Alabama by 1840
- William Green Johns (1807-1860s) and Nicey Elliott (1809-?), who were married in Hancock County Georgia in 1823
- John Frazier (1814-1886) and Elizabeth Gay (1820-1901), who married in Wilkinson County Georgia in 1836 and migrated to Covington County Alabama in the 1860's. Both later died in Conecuh County Alabama

- Samuel Allison Pickens (1778-1853) and Eleanor Kirkpatrick (1783-?), who were both born in Mecklenberg North Carolina, married in Cabarrus County North Carolina in 1803, and later settled in Fort Deposit Alabama
- Daniel Butler (1798-1875) and Susannah Drummond (1801-?), both born in South Carolina, married in Barnwell South Carolina, and later settled in Conecuh County Alabama
- Nathan Albert Bell (1812-1885) and Mary Ellen Hestle (1820-1888), both from South Carolina. They married in Monroe County Alabama in 1837
- William Palestine Green (1818-1880) and Anne Trice Castleberry (1818-1905), both born in Georgia and were in Conecuh County Alabama by 1850


- Walter Mattingly/Matney (1735-1828), born in Prince George County Virginia and his wife Mary Polly (Maiden Name Unknown) (1760-?), born in Virginia
- William Clarence McGirr (1815-1876), who who is listed in the census as being born on the trip from Ireland to the USA (believed to initially have settled in Maryland) and Jane Elizabeth Warnick (1822-1866), born in Maryland. They were married in 1841 in Maryland and were in Lawrence County Ohio before 1860
- John Wesley Leach (1819-1889) and Mary Ann Pratt (1822-?), both of Pennsylvania. They were in Lawrence County Ohio before 1850
- John C. Hill (1823-1872) of Kanawha County Virginia and Sarah Ann Saul (1829-1888) of Tennessee, who were in Lawrence County Ohio by the 1840's. NOTE: this is questionable. John may actually be John E. Hill and be married to Sarah Kingery, but I have not had time to further review new information. It's on my list, though.

- Wilson Madison Lewis Sr (1803-1883), of Monroe County Virginia and Sarah Elizabeth Burcham (?-1885), of Montgomery County Kentucky. They were married in 1826 in Lawrence County Ohio
- John Murnahan (1820-1880), of Lawrence County Ohio and Mary Ann King (1820-?), of Nicholas County Virginia. Married in 1838 in Lawrence County Ohio
- Hiram Rowe (1818-?), of Virginia and Anibal Smith Compton (1816-?), of Kentucky. They were in Lawrence County Ohio by 1870

- Redding Rimes (1809-1870), and wife Ellen or Elmira, (1815-1880), both from Georgia. Not much known of either of these people. I am actively seeking any leads
- Martin Rhymes (1850-?), and wife Nettie or Nellie, (1861-?), both from Georgia, also seeking leads
- John Mack Rhymes (1894-?), of Georgia, who was married to Lottie Pearl Crouch (1907-1959), also of Georgia. The family does not know what happened to Mack. Seeking leads.
- Joseph Crouch (1803-1870), of Greene Georgia and Elizabeth Jane Joiner (1800-1870), of South Carolina. They were married in Greene Georgia in 1821
- William Thomas Crouch (1845-1914), of Clayton Georgia and Francis Elizabeth "Fannie" Goins (1843-1930), of Harris Georgia
- Isaiah Ambrose Irvin (1847-1884), and Catherine Vashti Worrell, (1855-1929), both of Georgia. They married in 1870 in Randolph County Alabama
- William Luther Worrell (1821-1885), of Guilford County North Carolina and Catherine "Kate" Pounds (1822-?), of Georgia

- Moses Eason Bush (1797-1847), born in Laurens County Georgia and Julia Ann Calhoun (1794-1833), born in Laurens County Georgia. Married in 1815 in Jones County Georgia
- William Bishop (1790-1843), born in Spartenburg County South Carolina and Nancy Pitt (1794-1853), born in South Carolina. Married in 1810.
- Charles P. Harrison (1797-1850), born Casswell County North Carolina and Susan Burton Price (1805-1857), also born Casswell County North Carolina. Married in 1815 in Casswell County North Carolina.
- William Dorman (1801-1871), born in South Carolina, and Nellie Penelope Smith (1811-1891), born in Washington County Georgia. Were residing in Barbour County Alabama before 1850
- James Daugharty (1795-?), born in Effingham County Georgia and Nancy Bassett (1803-?), born in Effingham County Georgia
- George Washington Roberts (1812-1885), born in Wayne County North Carolina and Mary Ann “Polly” Mathis (1815-1883), born in Bulloch County Georgia. They were married in Lowndes County Georgia in 1830
- William K. Tomlinson (1827-1914), born in Lowndes County Georgia and Caroline Stalvey (1832-1874), born in Hamilton County Florida
- George Appling Dame (1825-1882), born in Emmanuel County Georgia and Sarah Ann Thigpen (1836-1934)
Most Wanted - I am looking for information about these ancestors. Can you help?

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